Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Peter Ridsdale: The Ultimate Groundhopper?

So Peter Ridsdale is becoming the new chairman of Preston North End? Wait a minute though. Wasn't he the chairman of Plymouth Argyle who sacked Peter Reid after Reid had sold his football medals to pay the club's heating bill? Or was he the guy who was chairman of Leeds United when they unscrupulously and negligently spent millions and millions of pounds on players only to end up near to bankruptcy and plummet down the divisions? No, I'm sure he was the one that Cardiff fans were protesting against for ruining their club - or was that Barnsley?

The correct answer is all of the above. It is like one of those multiple choice questions in a quiz where the options are so ridiculous that they couldn't have been made up. Its always 'all of the above' in those situations.

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