Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lawro Strikes Back

While the Premier League according to Lawro's Predictions may well still look very different to reality, Mark Lawrenson actually had quite a good week predicting scores and results this week.

Man Utd may still have a lead over Man City at the top of the table, Wolves, Everton and Sunderland may still be fighting over a Europa League spot with Liverpool, and Newcastle may still be avoiding a relegation spot on only goal difference, but at least things didn't get too much more distorted.

Once again, click on the image to see the table in more detail.

One other thing to point out. Quite a few of the other websites covering the Premier League according to Lawro have Swansea in a relegaton spot on only 10 points. We've checked and double checked both our own and their results and this is definitely the correct table. Hint: They may want to check the prediction for the Wolves v Swansea game earlier in the season.