Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Premier League Prediction Game Of Destiny And Doom!!! - Review of 2015

2015 In Review

With all of the games for 2015 now over, it's time to look back and see who have been the key performers (and the worst). Although the game is run monthly, with promotion and relegation at the end of each calendar month, we still keep track of the overall scores for each season and each year.

Remember, you can sign up to play at any time. With promotion and relegation at the end of each month, and points reset, you can join well into the season and still stand a chance of being the season's overall winner. It is never too late to join the game!

How To Enter

Based on the overall performances across 2015, the annual awards have been allocated as follows:


2014/15 Overall Champion

He didn't join the game until more than halfway through the season, but depressingly, the winner of Division One in May, and therefore the overall 2014/15 champion is Paul Merson

Runner-up: Paul Power's Left Foot


2014/15 Better Than All The Rest FA Cup Game

Winner: Nolberto

Runner-up: Heed


The 'If Leagues Didn't Exist' Award - Most Overall Points in 2015

Winner: Lawro (259 points)

Runner-up: Obi Wan (249 points)

(see the complete finishing positions here on page 2)


Most Points In A Single Calendar Month

Winner: Trev (37 points - Division Two, December)


Most Promotions in 2015

Winner: Paul Power's Left Foot (4 separate promotions)


Best At Going Down Award 2015

Winner: Jakarta (4 separate relegations)


Best Newcomer 2015 (Never played before 2015)

Winner: Philhul (223 points in 2015)


Moussa Sissoko Laziness Award 2015

Winner: Windy Mag (for doing the same as last year and predicting once and then giving up!!)


Best Role Model 2015

Winner: Albert's Chip Shop (for doing so utterly badly and proving that cheating and copying other people's scores doesn't pay!)


Consistently First Class Award 2015

Joint Winners: Nolberto and Neville Hope (for staying in Division One all year and never getting relegated)


Alex Ferguson Moaning At The Ref Award 2015

Winner: Biscan Can't Count (for regularly moaning about his points not being added up correctly only to always be proved wrong because we are brilliant and doesn't make mistakes!)


Overall Points Table For 2015

Pos  NamePoints
1  Lawro259
2  Obi Wan249
3  The DR Says246
4  Nolberto242
5  Paul Merson236
=6  Neville Hope234
=6  In Biscan We Trust234
8  Lawro‘s Guest228
9  cbrad227
10  Boro Gully225
11  Philhul223
12  Paul Power‘s Left Foot203
13  Trevor Mugabe198
14  Jakarta194
15  Tasty Magpie188
16  The Judean People‘s Front185
17  Albert‘s Chip Shop182
18  Mustyfrog163
19  Heed162
20  Sissokay162
21  Fez158
22  Leez149
23  Evil Red Devil128
24  AllAboutGerrez113
25  DimiNUFC110
26  BobbyD105
27  Mr Right95
28  Funky Dick94
29  Tash91
30  Magic Moussa47
31  kiwiqpr41
32  SAFC8339
33  Silky Sammy37
34  Somebody Pinched My Sombrero36
35  Beardsley‘s Shimmy27
=36  Rolando21
=36  TommyToon21
38  Nobby‘s Trumpet18
39  Pulp17
40  Q15
41  Old Faithful5
42  Skylarker5
43  Neil3
44  Windy Mag2

Get Involved

If you want to try your hand at competing against this lot at predicting Premier League scores, why not sign up and give it a go? Last year's winner didn't join until the second half of the season and still won!

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