Saturday, 28 November 2015

Arsene Wenger Demands UEFA Rule Change Over Drug Cheats

Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger recently went to the press calling UEFA to change their doping rules. Wenger claims that the regulations in place are not strong enough to deter players from cheating.

The outstanding coach has come out to speak against doping and had problems with UEFA’s ruling. UEFA claims that it cannot disqualify a team from participating in continental competitions not until when three or more players fail a drug test.

Wenger’s frustrations have come to the light the other day after Arijan Ademi, who plays for Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb was slapped with a four-year ban. The midfielder was part of the team that defeated the Gunners in the September Champions League match.

The Away Match Defeat

Dinamo Zagreb Fc managed by Zoran Mamic beat Arsenal FC 2-1 on their home turf Zagreb. 24th November things were different. However, Arsenal turned the tables on Dinamo Zagreb and bagged in 3-0, securing their way out of the group stage.

But before the match on Tuesday, Arsene Wenger held a talk with reporters on Monday morning. He confessed that he found the regulations to be very strange.

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Arsene said that the rule was surprising. UEFA applied a rule that he didn't agree with whatsoever. Arsene Wenger is frustrated that UEFA is accepting doping, and since it's now a rule, all teams have to accept and abide by the law.

Acceptance and Moving On

The Frenchman (Wenger) ended his rant by saying that with the new rule, the Gunners have to evaluate its gameplay and deal with their performance. Re-evaluate they did and Tuesday night they overcame their away defeat and delivered a stunning 3-0 at Emirates Stadium.

In a nutshell, Arsene Wenger holds the belief that rules ought to be altered; he, however, admitted to not knowing the kind of backing he will receive after UEFA’s doping team graced Arsenal’s training. The anti-doping team visited the Gunners soon after Arsene Wenger criticised the new rule.

Arsene Wenger decreed that he didn’t have a clue whether he would gain support from anyone. Wenger however, said that right after expressing himself the doping control unit from UEFA visited them during the training session last Friday.

The Ten Man Squadron

The UEFA doping control unit that landed on Arsenal’s training ground was a ten-man strong squad. Arsene Wenger had a reason to be angry with the rule because its effect cost Arsenal to lose to the Croatian team in September.

He admits that Arsenal’s performance was not the best during the match and also the fact that the player was on drugs could have contributed to their defeat. Wenger cries that in the past, techniques such as random testing and banning of players found to have doped a better method.

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Despite Arsenal’s win on Tuesday night, their best betting strategies to win the Champions League are still sidetracked by the loss to injury of French midfielder Coquelin who is out of play for two months after suffering a knee injury.

Arsene Wenger is trying to keep everything in control despite the midfielder’s absence; he is sure that he has to fill in a player to hold off for the two months until Coquelin makes a full recovery and come back!

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