Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Launch of The World's Largest Online Sports Quiz: Press Release From Cuju Media

Just ahead of the Football World Cup, the world’s most popular sporting event, Cuju Media have
launched 'SportsQuest' - the world’s biggest online competitive sports quiz. The free app is now
available for download via the Apple App Store. ( http://itunes.apple.com/app/id827048340 )

'SportsQuest' is an interactive and highly engaging sports quiz that has been designed to appeal to
real sports fans who are passionate and knowledgeable about their favourite sport - and
particularly to those fans who like to prove how much they know to their friends.
'SportsQuest' includes an engaging and competitive range of game formats that will appeal to fans
of all ages to play on a regular basis.

‘SportsQuest’ includes an unrivalled database of over 25,000 questions organised into more than
250 categories. The categories include every English League football club (plus clubs from the
Scottish League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 & other
major European clubs) as well as World Cup, European Champions League, FA Cup, Football
Grounds, Football Kits, Football Logos, Football Managers and many more.

'SportsQuest' is targeted at all sports fans and in addition to football, ‘SportsQuest’ also covers
more than 15 other major sports including Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Golf, Tennis,
Cycling, Athletics, Olympic Games, Formula 1, MotoGP, World Rally Car, Speedway, Snooker,
Darts plus major US sports - American Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB) and

"We all know that sports fans like to prove to their mates about how much they know about their
favourite team or sport - and SportsQuest provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate it on a
competitive basis" says Iain McLeod at SportsQuest. Users can challenge their friends (or anybody
else in the SportsQuest community) in real-time wherever they are in the world. The app allows
users to challenge themselves via Solo Play and it can also be played offline, automatically
updating once the user goes back online.

The question content has been developed in-house by Cuju Media and is kept up-to-date by a
small team of dedicated sports fans based in the UK, Europe and the US. "We know that keeping
the content fresh, relevant and up-to-date is vital for a sports quiz with so much happening in the
world of sport. So we have made it a key priority for the team" says Iain McLeod.

"The app content will be updated regularly and unobtrusively in the background so that it doesn't
spoil the user experience. We have also included a Sports News quiz designed to test users on
how much they have been following recent sports events and developments".

‘SportsQuest’ also includes a range of Forthcoming Event quizzes that become available in the
week leading up to a major sporting event so that users can challenge themselves on specific
events such as FA Cup and Champions League finals, key fixtures at the Football World Cup,
Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Super Bowl, Golf and Tennis majors and many more.

"We expect ‘SportsQuest’ users to challenge each other on what they know about a big event as
part of the build up - whether they are gathered around a TV, in a pub / sports bar or just playing on
their own" says Iain McLeod.

‘SportsQuest’ provides full user statistics via an impressive range of dynamic Leaderboards plus a
full history of your head-to-head matches so that you can keep track of exactly how many times
you have beaten your friends.

‘SportsQuest’ also includes over 1,500 picture questions. The team kit images have been provided
by kitbag.com who are also providing prizes for winners of some of the Leaderboards and in-game

In order to keep the content as fresh and relevant as possible users of ‘SportsQuest’ are also
encouraged to submit their own questions for inclusion in future updates. "We know how much indepth
knowledge real fans have - so our 'Submit a Question' feature within the app makes it very
easy for them to make a contribution. And users will be rewarded for the best questions we use. I
guess you could call it a form of ‘crowd-sourcing’."

The SportsQuest app is free to download and free to use from the Apple App Store.
An Android version of SportsQuest is in development and will be released in summer 2014.