Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Want to know what it's like to be bottom of the pile?

This season Kettering Town Fans have learned to suffer.  The following is a reasonably complete list of the downs and downs we have experienced this season, with thanks to Club Statto Paul Cooke for most of the horrible details: -

Ripped out of our own town by former Chairman
100 goals conceded in a league season (record)
47 goals conceded at home (record)
17 players sent off (record)
Most pairs of players sent off in the same match -3 (record)
29 league defeats (record)
Most ex-Poppies scoring against us in a season - 10 (record)
4 different managers in a season (record)
1st caretaker/player/manager to be sent off from the pitch (record)
1st own goal scored on the final day of the league season (not counting Martin Matthews o.g. against Alty, as that was in the play-off final)
54 players used ( second highest ever)
1 win in the last 15 league games (worst ever)

If this list of calamity has whetted your appetite we have plenty more to keep you up at night, thanking God that you support another team!