Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is there any truth to RVP’s latest claim?

In what seems like a very strange thing to admit and voice, Robin van Persie  claims if Emmanuel Adebayor  had stayed at Arsenal then he wouldn’t have been the main man at the club:
‘I was hoping to play as a second striker. I never thought I would end up as a main striker. We only tried it when Adebayor went.’
In all fairness, when Adebayor left, RVP wasn’t in the same form he is in now, and it could be that he’s just giving an honest recount of what it was like back then. I think the 28-year-old Dutchman is just being honest and humble, especially given the fact he has scored 54 goals since January 2011.
Most Arsenal fans, myself included, will probably be thinking the same thing as I am and that is ‘I would prefer to have RVP in my team than Adebayor any day of the week’, and really you can’t blame them for thinking that.
My reasons behind it are simple – I think Van Persie has a much better attitude and is happy to lead the team, you cannot say the same about Adebayor.
Van Persie went on to say:
‘The boss didn’t buy anyone else. He was convinced I could do it but I wasn’t. In my first five or six games I was making assists but I didn’t score and I thought, ‘I am a main striker now, I need to score’. When I scored my first goal I then scored seven in seven, with seven assists.’
So you could argue that once again Arsene Wenger  believed in a player more than the player himself did and big things have happened from it.
The media are too used to overlooking the fact that it was Wenger who saw the potential in players like Thierry Henry , Cesc Fabregas  and now Robin van Persie. It would just be nice once in a while if our club and management had some praise from the media, but oh well.