Sunday, 11 March 2012

Futsal in England

Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports in England so RBB thought we would check it out. When we heard that the England national side were playing against Switzerland in Hereford we thought this was as good a time as any... but hold on, what is Futsal?

Well according to the fountain of knowledge that is Wikipedia it is an indoor game played with five players on each side, over two twenty minute halves, with a smaller heavier ball and hockey sized goals at the end of a basket ball sized pitch. In other words it’s the closest thing to indoor football going. There is no annoying head high rule, any player can go anywhere and there is no wall along the pitch perimeter to turn the beautiful game into pinball like normal 5-a-side. For those of you hack merchants thinking this game sounds fun it requires a high level of technical skill and tactics play a large role in team set-up. Also there is no running time down in Futsal as the clock stops every time the ball leaves the playing area. Right - got all that? 

The game has long been established throughout the world with professional leagues - the likes of Barcelona have their own team - World and European championships, and professional players moving around the globe to ply their trade. If you're wondering if anyone actually takes this as seriously as we're suggesting then have a look at Falcao plying his trade for Brazil and you will be left in no uncertainty at the level of ability, athleticism, and professionalism required at the top of Futsal.