Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cheap Thrills from League One...

Oldham Athletic have just announced a move that will have their season ticket-holder's knickers in a reet twist.

An offer of a "golden ticket" for 5 home matches in exchange for the princely sum of 15 quid, if you get in this weekend.

Now being of the grumpy and old persuasion, I am very much of the opinion that no football match (whatever level) should cost much more than 20 quid, so to my ears, this is something of a bargain - 3 quid a game! But should the long-suffering season ticket holders, who will have paid much, much more than that be upset about the move to entice a bunch of fair-weather, johnny-come-latelys at bargain-basement prices?

My first thoughts are - damn right they should be annoyed - spending hundreds a year out in one hit at the beginning of a new season with all the bright hopes and possibilities laid out on the road ahead. A few months in and most fans desires are scattered along the boulevard of broken dreams - but they have done their bit for the club, helping them with that initial cash boost to budget (hopefully) wisely along the course of the year.

They have provided such loyalty and then the club is offfering highly cut-priced deals to all and sundry. It's like all the best deals for insurance or mobile-phones or broadband going to new customers only and the long-standing customers plodding on.

However, chairman Simon Corney says he is going to reward the season ticket holder's loyalty in another way - so we can reserve judgment on that one.

He said: “This gesture is done for the club and for the fans, It is of no benefit to me personally as I will take a big hit financially.”

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