Friday, 10 February 2012

Capello Departs England, Jingoism Rejoices

On Wednesday February 8th Fabio Capello resigned from his role as manager of the England national team after a discussion with the FA's powers that be. Many in this great land took almost limitless joy in this news, for finally the man that had overseen the World Cup exit to Germany would lead the proud 3 Lions no more.

RBB on the other hand took a deep breath, put its head in its hands and braced itself for the barrage of jingoistic bullshit that inevitably ensued. And like a train in Japan, the ridiculous claims, lies and accusations of a man whose reputation throughout the rest of world football is impeccable, arrived bang on time.

Capello has been roundly derided as the walking disaster. A curious summary of a man that oversaw 2 successful qualification campaigns, with the latest ending in an undefeated campaign that saw England end up sitting comfortably at the top of their group by a clear 6 points. Throw in the simple fact that his record shows him to have the highest win percentage of all England managers, a staggering 67%. Take a moment, read that again and think about the actuality of the situation; the best manager England has ever had, has been hounded out of his role with his reputation damaged despite winning 28 out of 42 games, with only 6 defeats to his name. Staggering.

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