Thursday, 22 December 2011


That man Torres is at it again, criticising his former club when nearly 70% of Liverpool fans are willing to forgive and forget and welcome him back to Anfield.

Speaking to Spanish TV station Canal+ Liga, Torres said: “The Liverpool fans don’t know the truth about why I signed for Chelsea. The fans don’t even know half of what happened.
 They don’t know what the people in charge at Liverpool are like – they have a completely different perception of what they are like.

“They made promises that they didn’t keep and I left because I realised I didn’t have time to be part of a project that would take years. I have nothing against the Liverpool fans. I didn’t want to leave Liverpool the way I did but the club lied. I was let down and I don’t understand why the fans hate me.”

Why does FT keep having a go at his former club?
Since his acrimonious departure from Anfield, he has repeatedly criticised at his former team.

As for branding John W. Henry and FSG liars, he is making a big mistake.
Our new owners have invested well in the club and will do so again in the January Window, so how can you call them liars Torres?

Content yourself with the Chelsea subs bench and stop moaning about Liverpool FC.

I support the Liverpool players wearing Suarez 7 t-shirts at the Wigan game, I am not racist and neither is Suarez.