Friday, 25 November 2011

Too Busy Making Banners To Write Blogs?

Anybody who regularly watches Match Of The Day will know that Blackburn Rovers fans have a lot to say these days. There is a lot of pain there and they want the world to know. Well, I say that. It seems that they want the world to see their banners, but are any of them actually blogging about it? They may well be, but as things stand Blackburn Rovers are one of only two Premier League teams without a blog listed on the directory. So come on guys. Put the bed sheets down for 2 minutes and get your blogs listed. You can't blame Steve Kean for this one!!

The other Premier League team without a blog listed is Swansea City. First time ever in the Premier League - you'd think they would have plenty to say about that. As well as those two there are quite a few with only a single blog on the listings - we're on the lookout for more!

Its not that we're only after premier league blogs. Far from it. We're looking for blogs from all over the world and all levels. You have to start somewhere though, and once we have the Premier League fully covered we'll be moving on to our next victims.

So get submitting and add your blog to the site using our submission form.