Friday, 18 November 2011

Links To Your Blog Posts

Those of you who have blogs listed in the directory will probably have noticed that you each received an invitation to become a site author at the time that your submission appeared on the site. The purpose of this is to allow you to place a link to your new blog postings along with an introductory paragraph (see many previous entries for examples).

However, as Google (the hosts of this directory) limit the number of authors to 100, some of you may have noticed that invitations not taken up in the first few days have been cancelled and passed on to new listings. This is the only way that we can be fair to every blog listed. In time, no doubt, even those that have been accepted may well have to be shared around. If you would like to advertise your posts on the directory but now find that you no longer have the facility to do so, then please email us and we will re-arrange site authors to try and allow as many people as possible to take advantage of this facility.

Thanks for your understanding.