Tuesday, 15 November 2011

If You're A Football Blogger You Should Read This!!

I don't often post direct links to blogger's articles. The facilities are available on the site for them to do that themselves if they want to. However, yesterday Les Rosbifs pulled off an amazing coup for an independent blogger by publishing an exclusive interview with ex England manager Steve McLaren.

You can read their interview here.

It was then that all hell broke loose. Basically the interview was morally (if not technically) stolen by many of the professional football sites without any sort of link to the original article.

A number of articles have since been written by bloggers commenting on this practice by the 'big boys.' I have picked one to link to from Twisted Blood but will gladly edit this post to include others if you want yours highlighted. It is worth taking the time to read both the original article and the articles commenting on yesterday's events because they have implications for all bloggers.

You can read the Twisted Blood article here.

I for one will be taking the advice from this article and avoiding the morally lacking sites who abused the original interview on Les Rosbifs blog.

Additional story from footysphere here.