Tuesday, 22 November 2011

...And Back To Lawro

By his own low standards, the great moustached one (in Lawroland its a moustache not a beard) didn't have too bad a week. In Lawroland Chelsea may have beaten the Scousers and the Potters overcome QPR, but all in all he wasn't too far out. He also failed to spot a Blackburn comeback against Wigan, but then who would have predicted refereeing like that?

Speaking of Wigan, I don't know who is scheduled to turn on their Christmas lights this year but Lawro must be in with a shout. I think Lawro, Alex McLeish and His Royal Donkiness Heskey should be locked in a cage for a fight to the death, the three of them having been recognised as the only people who could possibly have Wigan level on points with Aston Villa. The winner gets to press the big red button and illuminate the Lancashire town. Just a thought.....

Once again, click on the image below to see the full Premier League table in Lawroland.