Friday, 10 June 2011

The Vampire's Clutch

With all the talk of the season ticket prices and also the awful PR QPR have got over it i was over the moon to get my renewal pack in the post today.
The buzz word of Rangers seems to be "dream"

I did not open it as what is the point the prices have been out for a wee bit now and it is not like they have had a huge re think and doing the right thing,

The thing is we have been away from the top flight for some time and a huge chunk of our fans just want to see top flight football again and that is understandable.
To me the anger is the people who can not be part of this "Dream" priced out,and come next season instead of them being the 12th man on the pitch they will be at home game on and either screaming at the radio or TV and that is the who sadness in all of this.