Monday, 6 June 2011

In The Interest Of Transparency

In light of recent events in Zurich, and the accompanying press furore, I feel the need to clarify some financial statements in the interest of full transparency and honesty*.

When I started this blog directory I made clear statements that the directory would be run on a not for profit basis. In order to avoid a Sunday Telegraph investigation I would like to come clean and declare that somebody has now clicked upon one of the Google Adsense links on the page. The blog directory has now earned me 36p.

I should point out, however, that as the minimum withdrawal from Google Adsense is £60.00, at the current rate of earnings I will not be in a position to collect these funds until 2044. I wish to reassure all subscribers to this directory that this money will not be used for personal gain. I promise to use the £60.00 to bribe FIFA into listing the official World Cup 2046 blog on this directory**.

I trust that this statement will clear up any uncertainty that wasn't there anyway!

* Honesty in this instance is used in the context of football governance and may or may not relate to actual facts

** Promises made in the same sentence as 'FIFA' may or may not be kept, and could indeed be complete fabrications.