Thursday, 5 May 2011

We Voted Yes To AV...But They Haven't Voted Yes For Us...Yet!

That's right! I have just been out and exercised my democratic right to vote by voting Yes for Randy Lerner as president. Unfortunately none of the followers of the AV party have yet voted for us by listing their blogs on this directory. The good news is that, as hurt as we are, we don't hold grudges and the opportunity to rectify the situation still exists. Even better news is that our polls don't close at 10pm tonight. In fact they never close - occasionally pause for sleep or a trip down the pub - but never close!

Its not just the AV party either. We would gladly welcome approaches from any football party - and not just the mainstream ones. Here at the Football Blog Directory we cater for all minority football views too. We've even got a link to Sunderland!

So spread the word. We're forming our own football coalition and everyone is invited!!