Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Some Early Changes

In true Jose Mourinho style, with his first half substitutions, we have made some early changes to the site as we seek to maximise the benefits to bloggers who have chosen to list their football blogs on the directory.

Just like Arsene Wenger we had the very best of intentions with how we set things up. Unlike Arsene, we are willing to admit that we need to adapt our philosophy to get the best results. From today you will notice that there is a news feed box with links to all of your latest posts.

The idea of inviting you to post introductions and links to your articles was to drive more readers to your blogs. However, we've realised that no matter how well intended, you don't need the extra work. So from today, everyone whose blog is set up with a feed will see links to their posts appear automatically on our homepage. We hope that you will like this update and that this results in more people visiting your blogs.

All followers of the site are still welcome to post onto the site. It no longer needs to be just in reference to new articles on your blog now though.