Saturday, 23 April 2011

Does It Matter If Our Footballing Heroes Are Not Perfect?

Another week, another footballing scandal. A mystery, married, premiership footballer has been having an affair with Imogen Thomas, a former Big Brother contestant. The identity of the player is likely to remain a secret as long as a High Court gagging order remains in place.

However, I can exclusively reveal that through diligent research I have learned who this mystery footballer is. Through trawling the hundreds of internet gossip and rumour sites I can confirm that he is probably, almost certainly, one of the thirty or forty different players whose names have appeared on these sites, confirmed by a friend of a friend who knows somebody who has a friend at the club....perhaps! While it is true that one name does appear more often than any other, the real identity remains a mystery to the vast majority of football fans. The question we should be asking though isn't who this player is, but rather, who cares?